Wow! Bose L1 Model 2 with B1 Sub is an Amazing Solution for Tough Spaces!

January 17, 2012 in Updates

OK, so first off, an admission – we always thought that the Bose systems were products with Really Good Marketing.  Well, that’s not wrong, but it’s also not complete.  The Bose technology really has  an advantage over traditional loudspeakers.   There is absolutely substance to the style of Bose.  The L1M2B1 line array (yes, it’s a line array!) and subwoofer setup helped us help the Lewis Creek Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Indiana.

The church, originally built in 1833 is a classic shotgun shape, all solid plaster and no absorptive surfaces at all, plaster/glass/stained glass/wooden pews.   The rectangular shape and symmetry of the sanctuary created massive standing waves and silly amounts of reflections and echoes, making the sermon, the choir and the Praise band virtually unintelligible,   Plenty of sound coming from the traditional carpet-covered passive boxes on either side of the sanctuary, but none of the sound was understandable.   Pastor told us that they were losing congregation to other churches simply because of the mess that was the sound on Sunday mornings.    So they called KennyKenny and he got busy with it.

Because of the location of the altar and the offertory the speakers needed to be out of the way but not flat up against the side walls (all plaster, remember?  Nothing but nasty reflections).  Also the existing choir loft speakers were pointing directly at the choir condenser mics!  That’s the definition of feedback btw – send your signals right out of the speakers right back into the mic and it squeals, big time!   So one objective is to have the choir hear the Bose system directly, without using those ill-placed choir speakers.  Now that’s a tall order, since the choir is behind the Pastor so that’s really asking a lot from a speaker.    Well, the Bose did it!  The choir could hear the Pastor (choir couldn’t hear pre-Bose, hence the speakers in the choir loft), and we then could shut off those feedback creators – that’s a huge win!  Thanks Bose, couldn’t have done this with traditional speakers.

The Bose technology sends sound in many directions from the tower speaker and that fills up a room with clear, understandable sound, even in rooms with wacky shapes or really troublesome shapes (like a plaster rectangular box that is many churches).   Also the Bose L1M2B2 setup is a portable solution, which also fit perfectly for this church.  They wanted a solution that they could take to outside venues or other churches, and again the Bose fit the bill perfectly.  See more about the L1 technology and product selection by clicking on here.

So to recap, Bose L1Model2 systems are REAL technology (NOW I see why Bose has patented this technology – it’s amazing!) that sends clear, intelligible sound fully around any shape of room.  The combo of the tower speakers and the subwoofer makes for full, rich, chest-thumping music in a minimum of space with a gorgeous and sophisticated look as well.  Way to go Bose, keep ‘em coming!

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