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We Love LA!!! KennyKenny invades Hollywood!

April 5, 2011 in Photos, Updates

Quick personal note from KennyKenny Bergle, our illustrious host, direct from LA where he’s moderating a panel at the 2011 International Conference at the Sheraton Universal in the heart of the studio world. (click here to check out Thanks to MEIEA for inviting us and treating us so well at the Conference.  Also a quick shout out to Cutler Armstrong, Professor of Communications in Media Arts at Butler Univ., for personally getting TheK2BShow involved.

OK< I need to pinch myself now.   A quick inventory of the day.  Let’s see, I’m in a rehearsal room of the Rickey Minor Band where they are prepping for the night’s Tonight Show.  My friend (current Tonight Show Band musician and former Backstreet Boys/ American Idol guitarist and keyboardist) David Delhomme got me in on literally on an hour’s notice.

Turns out the musical guest is Mary Mary and I meet their producer Warryn Campbell who needs some gear for his studio .  In the middle of the rehearsal I get a call on the cell from rock great Dave Mason and that call is interrupted by Hassan Khan (who taught his ex-wife, Chaka Khan, to sing!) and then Travis Rogers, Stanley Clarke’s soundman, rings in.  While this is happening, I run into Jay Leno backstage and he talks to me about his original Model A or Model T that he ‘uses just to get around town’.  Then Kim and Khloe Kardashian arrive as they are guests on the show tonight.  They both looked like different versions of modern-day Cleopatras and Jay Leno made the comment (to them) that there must be some sort of a ‘cleavage competition’ going on.  Kim K waves at me and makes a heart symbol with her hands.  I think she confused me with one of her good-looking Armenian uncles or something.   (I’m 1/4 Armenian.)   I wave back and smile.   After all, I’m married and no need to get the girl’s hopes up!  Uh, yeah, right.

The atmosphere of LA is energetic and exciting.  Slightly different than good ol’ Fort Wayne.  My hotel room looks out over the beautiful San Fernando valley and across to the mountains.   Every day there’s a different shoot or event going on in and around the hotel.  A TV pilot, a reality show, a TV commercial, a large Jewish wedding, and other small film and TV projects were being shot in just the 3 days I was there. Not sure how those directors missed me and my talent, just lucky I guess!

OK, will post another blog about our fun time in LA, that’s all the time we have now.  Just one tease – an amazing reflexology massage for $20!  Only in LA…

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The First Show! Wow! Sneak Peek Photos!

November 19, 2010 in Gear, Music, Photos, Updates, Video

Backstage at TheK2BShow

OK!  The pilot for TheK2BShow is finally in the can!  Thanks to EVERYbody that helped on the show and also to the great audience members that saw history being made!  After all, it’s REALLY about the audience and serving up some great entertainment, which is what happened.

Even KennyKenny didn’t look that bad on TV, who’da thunk it?  (And, his monologue was actually funny!  Kinda.)  Fantastic musical guest Carson McClain wowed the audience with some Detroit Electro using the real, vintage 808, etc.  Marcel James, of Antelope Audio came all the way from LA to give us a scoops on the soon-to-be-released awesome A/D and D/A converters called the Zodiac and newest Michael Jackson record and there was even a live, onstage guitar lesson that was very enlightening (thanks to guitar student Jim Burge for graciously being a guinea pig on that!).

The show is being edited now and of course will be posted here soon on the upcoming “Full Episodes” page, as well as segments from the show in various places.   For now, check out the great slideshow done by our very own DJTrend, a popular photographer and DJ in the area, by clicking here –  TheK2BShow SlideShow by DJTrend! Thanks again, and check back soon for the show video!

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Novation Unveils New ULTRANOVA Keyboard

October 28, 2010 in Gear, Music, Photos, Video

The cool new ULTRANOVA synth has its roots in Chris Huggett's SuperNova II

Novation debuted a cool new keyboard today at Sweetwater called the UltraNova.  Created by Chris Huggett, famed OSCar inventor, it features a built-in mic for the very hip Vocoder function as well as true conductive-rubber pots for accurate and instant programming.  Three intense oscillators that can multiply themselves and stack them on top of each other for thickness and, of course, a K2BShow favorite, wackiness!  Matt Darbyshire, Product Specialist for Novation, showed it off in the Sweetwater Morning Meeting and trained the Sweetwater sales engineers on the vast and powerful features of this new 37-note wonder.  The factory sounds are thick and rich and of course, tons of knobs to tweak away, including a “Tweak Mode” button that lets one control any parameter from an extra bank of 8 soft-knobs. See a video about that here.  Also, the patch selector is an iTunes-style  browser that makes it easy to pick any of the over 300 factory sounds AND it comes with a free patch editor/librarian software too!
Check out more about it here, but please don’t hurt yourself, this baby packs a punch!  :)

Here’s a video of Matt doing a short performance on the new ULTRANOVA!

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Kenny Kenny Plays Jazz Guitar for SynAudCon Con 2010

September 27, 2010 in Gear, Music, Photos, Updates

Thanks to all who came and participated at SynAudCon Con 2010 at Sweetwater! Thanks to
SynAudCon for coming to Sweetwater for their Audio and Acoustics Conference 2010.
You can check out the blog about the Conference here –
and the great organization here It stands for “Synergetic
Audio Concepts” and don’t we all need more of that? Thanks again to SynAudCom for
including TheKennyKennyBergleShow in their conference, it was a real gas!

KennyKenny Plays Jazz Guitar

KennyKenny Plays Jazz Guitar for kickoff luncheon at SynAudCon Con 2010

We highly recommend anybody joining SynAudCon, to learn or to teach this crazy
always-advancing world of Audio. Great resources and a great partner for everybody
involved in audio!

Kenny was lucky enough to play jazz guitar for the kickoff luncheon at this amazing
Conference. Among the luminaries there, both Russ Berger (founder of RBDG – and Don Davis (author of “Sound System Engineering” –
had lovely things to say about Kenny’s playing that day, as well as many other attendees.

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