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University of Texas at Austin Music Production Students!

July 30, 2012 in Updates

Click on the link below for your listing of required gear for the following courses, offered for Fall 2012, in the Butler School of Music:  MUS316M – Intro to Audio Recording, MUS336C – Computer Audio Production, MRT316N – Intermediate Audio Recording, MRT345 – Advanced Audio Recording, MRT 335M – Fundamentals of Digital Audio, MRT335N – Advanced Digital Audio, and MRT377P – Internship and Final Project.

NOTE FROM PROFESSOR POWELL:  “If you are not a “Music Production” major, you are not required to acquire this recording gear, but Sweetwater has still agreed to offer this deal to you so you can get the most from this exciting coursework.” 

Click here to go to that page.

Common recording medium when Kenny was active in the industry

Prof. Powell has put together the above courses on Music Production and the above page outlines the gear required for those courses.  If you already have your computer rig setup and are running ProTools10, an audio/MIDI interface and a mic, please contact Prof. Powell about compatibility.  Call Kenny Bergle or Matt Wood at Sweetwater (800 222 4700, ext. 1270 or ext. 1259) or email them at or to purchase this bundle at an extra special price!

A quote from Prof. Powell to fuel your education and career in the recording arts:

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Annie and the Beekeepers vid “In the Water” from our friends at Benchmark and Masters From Their Day!

December 28, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates, Video

Thanks to our friends at Benchmark for this cool video of Annie and the Beekeepers song “In the Water”. A trio of guitar/voice, cello and upright bass, these Berklee grads sound great, and even greater using Benchmark gear.

Music studios are catching on and in recent years Benchmark mic pres and converters are cropping up in studios across the country.  As an historically ‘engineering-driven’ company, Benchmark is realizing the power of the web so they’ve started a really cool video marketing series called “Masters From Their Day”.  You’ll see all of them here on TheK2BShow site or if you can’t stand the wait for each episode, check them all out at the Masters From Their Day website. Click here for the main home page for Benchmark.


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Alain Le Kim’s documentary on Dave Hill and Cranesong!

December 20, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates, Video

As promised, here’s the first installment of the documentary called “Crane Song – Superior Gear, The story of Dave Hill”, that originally aired on TheK2BShow, Nov. 17th.  We’ll post another new installment of this film each month until it’s all been previewed and then we’ll move on to Alain’s documentary on EveAnna Manley called “Manley, Rule of Tubes”.  These are greatly informative docs that are well done and quite interesting.  See all of Alain’s films here and check back for new installments.  Dave Hill is a friend of TheK2BShow and a real audio genius.   See Cranesong gear and read about Dave here. Enjoy!!!

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The First Show! Wow! Sneak Peek Photos!

November 19, 2010 in Gear, Music, Photos, Updates, Video

Backstage at TheK2BShow

OK!  The pilot for TheK2BShow is finally in the can!  Thanks to EVERYbody that helped on the show and also to the great audience members that saw history being made!  After all, it’s REALLY about the audience and serving up some great entertainment, which is what happened.

Even KennyKenny didn’t look that bad on TV, who’da thunk it?  (And, his monologue was actually funny!  Kinda.)  Fantastic musical guest Carson McClain wowed the audience with some Detroit Electro using the real, vintage 808, etc.  Marcel James, of Antelope Audio came all the way from LA to give us a scoops on the soon-to-be-released awesome A/D and D/A converters called the Zodiac and newest Michael Jackson record and there was even a live, onstage guitar lesson that was very enlightening (thanks to guitar student Jim Burge for graciously being a guinea pig on that!).

The show is being edited now and of course will be posted here soon on the upcoming “Full Episodes” page, as well as segments from the show in various places.   For now, check out the great slideshow done by our very own DJTrend, a popular photographer and DJ in the area, by clicking here –  TheK2BShow SlideShow by DJTrend! Thanks again, and check back soon for the show video!

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OH Wow, ProTools 9!

November 9, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, ProTools is officially at Version 9 now!  AND it works on ANY audio interface hardware – ASIO, Audio Units, ANYthing!  Does it mean that we’re old because we still have an unopened box of Sound Designer 1.0 from 1984?  :) (For you youngsters, Sound Designer was the great-grandaddy of ProTools and the first product ever to come from what was known then as Digidesign.)   Old is good sometimes, but mostly new is better in the case of software.

There’s a ton on new features in ProTools 9, see an overview here and then click here for detailed info on the new features.  One of the MOST requested and exciting features of the new PT9, other than working with non-Avid hardware, is ADC, which stands for Automatic Delay Compensation.   Basically, that is when one adds a plugin into the session, the DAW software now polls the plugin for its inherent latency and then compensates the timing of the playback accordingly, giving a much more phase-coherent and solid-sounding track.

Not sure which ProTools is right for you?  Click here for a comparison chart of all the new PT9s and the previous PT8s. There is no more ‘LE’, only ProTools9 and ProTools9HD, with the addition of the Complete Production Toolkit 2 option for PT9 only (PT9HD already contains the features of the Complete Production Toolkit 2).

OK, what a deal!  How much for it and can one get an upgrade from older versions of ProTools?  Click here to find out (and don’t get sidetracked – they are ‘upgrades’ meaning one must own previous ProTools to qualify, Avid calls them ‘crossgrades’.)  Even though they are called crossgrades, they are not ‘crossgradeable’ from competitive products, only from previous versions of ProTools.  Just sayin’…

Have fun!

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New ‘Music to Listen to’ Page added!

November 5, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates

OK, well now we’re in big trouble because we have a page that is for LISTENING TO MUSIC!  There’s a cool concept.  After all the talk and demos and products and specs, there’s the actual music!   We’ve added this page for anybody that wants to send us music to post on this page.  Soon you will be able to upload it yourself to this page, which will really be rad.   Check out the offerings and that page by clicking here.  Have fun and thanks for any comments you can post about the music.

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Very Cool Rubblebucket Vid by Benchmark

November 2, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates, Video

Benchmark has been producing ultra high-quality audio gear for the production studio for the past 27 years.  When the audio is critical, (and when is it NOT?) broadcast and film guys insist on the pristine sound of Benchmark gear .  Music studios are catching on and in recent years Benchmark mic pres and converters are cropping up in studios across the country.  As an historically ‘engineering-driven’ company, Benchmark is realizing the power of the web so they’ve started a really cool video marketing series called “Masters From Their Day”.  You’ll see all of them here on TheK2BShow site or if you can’t stand the wait for each episode, check them all out at the Masters From Their Day website. Click here for the main home page for Benchmark.

This first video from Benchmark is an excellent band from Brooklyn – Rubblebucket.  It’s a good-looking video directed by Isaac Deitz and if you’ve not been in the studio yet as a recording artist, it’s a great slice of life inside the studio.  All converters and mic preamps are, of course, Benchmark, and the un-compressed .wav file is available for free download here.  Also,  -VERY COOL Alert! – they posted for free the individual tracks for you to download and remix the entire song!  Get those tracks here – Rubblebucket remix page. If you remix this song and want others to hear it, email us and we’ll post it here and you get a free K2BShow, glow-in-the-dark guitar pick, the collector’s edition!   Enjoy!   :)

To see if Rubblebucket is playing near you, click here – The Rubblebucket dates page.

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Novation Unveils New ULTRANOVA Keyboard

October 28, 2010 in Gear, Music, Photos, Video

The cool new ULTRANOVA synth has its roots in Chris Huggett's SuperNova II

Novation debuted a cool new keyboard today at Sweetwater called the UltraNova.  Created by Chris Huggett, famed OSCar inventor, it features a built-in mic for the very hip Vocoder function as well as true conductive-rubber pots for accurate and instant programming.  Three intense oscillators that can multiply themselves and stack them on top of each other for thickness and, of course, a K2BShow favorite, wackiness!  Matt Darbyshire, Product Specialist for Novation, showed it off in the Sweetwater Morning Meeting and trained the Sweetwater sales engineers on the vast and powerful features of this new 37-note wonder.  The factory sounds are thick and rich and of course, tons of knobs to tweak away, including a “Tweak Mode” button that lets one control any parameter from an extra bank of 8 soft-knobs. See a video about that here.  Also, the patch selector is an iTunes-style  browser that makes it easy to pick any of the over 300 factory sounds AND it comes with a free patch editor/librarian software too!
Check out more about it here, but please don’t hurt yourself, this baby packs a punch!  :)

Here’s a video of Matt doing a short performance on the new ULTRANOVA!

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Shawn Phillips Reveals the Future of Musicians

October 26, 2010 in Updates

OK, Wow! 70s icon Shawn Phillips recently came to Fort Wayne and blew us away with his current music and his familiar chestnuts too!   (Thanks, C2G Ministries, for a great show with great sound!)  He had a ton to say about the future of music and musicians, check out the full interview here very soon. Suffice it to say that his talk included how right now, not in the future, musicians are controlling virtual instruments and physical instruments with nothing but brainwaves, via encephalograph-style sensors hardwired directly to the brain. Oh Wow! Check back for the full video interview, will be posted soon (Did you know Shawn gave Joni Mitchell guitar lessons in the 60s?  Betcha didn’t know Shawn gave sitar lessons to George Harrison way before The Beatles met Ravi Shankar!)  What a great musical gem, check out Shawn’s site too!

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COOL New Moog synth – The Slim Phatty is unleashed!

October 14, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates

OK< Wow!  Check out this great new, AFFORDABLE, true-Moog synth.   The Slim Phatty was just announced today!  At under $800, with free shipping from Sweetwater, this is probably the most synth-for-buck that is on the market today.  Great modulation and CV options, small, light and DID WE MENTION – it’s only $795 for that really fat and satisfying Moog sound?   Check it here –

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