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 “Music Production” Majors – This Is Your Gear Page!

This page is for ALL STUDENTS enrolled in the following UT Austin Butler School of Music courses: 

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MUS316M – Intro to Audio Recording, MUS336C – Computer Audio Production, MRT316N – Intermediate Audio Recording, MRT345 – Advanced Audio Recording, MRT 335M – Fundamentals of Digital Audio, MRT335N – Advanced Digital Audio, and MRT377P – Internship and Final Project.

A quote from Prof. Powell to fuel your education and career in the recording arts:

Just for you, Professor Powell and Sweetwater have combined forces and arranged a special package deal for the required gear for your course. Plus, there’s some options below, with links to the Sweetwater website product pages, in case you need some other stuff too.  Please call or email Kenny Bergle at Sweetwater at 800 222 4700, extension 1270 (or his teammate, Matt Wood, at extension 1259) to place your order and get this special pricing. While these prices are not available from other sales engineers at Sweetwater, (it is a special deal for Prof. Powell’s students) if you do already have a sales engineer at Sweetwater let them know about this deal.  They’re all pretty great people and pretty sure they’ll accommodate you.  Kenny’s email is and Matt’s is

Here’s another great advantage of buying from Sweetwater (see a more complete list at the bottom of this page) – every ProTools purchase receives a FREE 30-day Video Training code to be used at – a video tutorials site.  See about that free tutorial offer by clicking HERE.  And NO, Kenny won’t do your homework for you.  He’s already been asked several times!  BUT, if you do have questions about using your gear or integrating it with your current gear, he will help you gladly.  Sweetwater’s support is legendary in the industry.

Here’s what’s required for “Music Production” majors:  The Presonus AudioBox22VSL, ProTools, Digital Performer, Cubase or Logic Studio DAW software, and the sE Electronics sE2200aMkIIC microphone.  All three components are required for the above courses for “Music Production” majors.  * If you already have your computer rig setup and are running ProTools, Digital Performer, Cubase or Logic Studio DAW software an audio/MIDI interface and mic, please contact Prof. Powell about compatibility.  (See below in the “Optional Gear” section for more inexpensive options.) 

Here are the urls for those items and your special price for the bundle is $699.00, with Free Shipping AND Sweetwater’s Total Confidence Coverage 2-year warranty. (Total on this package without special discounts is $1197.99, MSRP.)  As in every case, a purchase from Sweetwater comes with excellent Free Technical Support and personalized customer service to keep you musically productive for as long as you own the gear!  Click HERE for the Audiobox 22 VSL by Presonus, Click HERE for the sE2200aMkIIC large diaphragm condenser mic by sE Electronics.   Click HERE for the ProTools DAW software by Avid, click HERE for the student discounted price for Digital Performer,  (even though it says ‘Crossgrade’ this price and unit are used by MOTU for student educational discount price as well),  click HERE for student discounted price for Cubase7, and of course, for Logic Studio go the App Store.

Below the ProTools software pics are some other options for your musical creation and fun!   This special pricing is available only to currently enrolled students in the above courses.  Want to get a jump on this degree?  If you have been accepted into the Music Production degree plan, but are not yet taking these technology classes, please call Kenny Bergle and he’ll arrange a special discount for your upcoming needs.

Back Panel of the AudioBox22 VSL


 The KILLER sE220a MkIIC mic from sE Electronics!  

This is a great mic for relatively very little money.   Prof. Powell picked this mic because it sounds and acts like a mic that costs over a thousand dollars!  See the sE Electronics story by clicking HERE and see about this exact mic by clicking HERE.  Also, as a Sweetwater exclusive, you get the shock mount and a pop filter with this mic for free (an extra $100 value)!

Click HERE to see about large diaphragm mics in general on the sE website.




So, Does Your Computer Support ProTools11?  

Click HERE for the computer system requirements for ProTools11, Mac and PC.


Screen Shot of ProTools’ Edit, Mix and Plugin windows

Get a free 30-day demo of ProTools11 (to see for sure if it works with your computer) by Clicking HERE. You’ll need an iLok2 to activate the demo.  (An iLok2 is included in the box with your ProTools11 software purchase, btw.)

Optional gear you might need to make music with! 

 CLICK on any category to see a listing of those products.  Call Kenny at 800 222 4700, ext. 1270 or ext. 1259 to inquire about the below products and your discount.

Here’s a personal message from Professor Powell about some optional equipment and advice -

“Hello Current Music Production Students. Some of you will be taking your first class with me, MRT316m.  Others are in the more advanced class.  I am hoping to prepare you for this new series of four courses that you will hopefully enjoy while in my personal recording studio.  
I have watched, mentored and learned from students who have struggled with the technological demands of these classes.  Please realize that these courses are also heavily centered in the creative arts of recording, not simply mastering technology.  IE, you will focus on what you record as much as how you record it.  We professionals always keep our technology resources handy regardless of our experience.  I am sharing some of these solutions with you in this message.  You may have other tutorial solutions that you already use which you would like to share.  Great.  Do it.  Let’s get started:
This is a comprehensive list of every recording technology term. 
Mathematics in Music (Cerego)  I will be using Cerego as a learning tool for your classes.  Each Cerego “set” will be designed by me.  This is an extraordinary way to master a technical vocabulary and larger ideas as well. And, it’s really fun.  Read about the Cerego system for learning before beginning. 
PRE-CLASS LEARNING RESOURCES:  (Paid) offers video tutorials across all the creative software solutions.  They have many courses and “movies” for Pro Tool, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, and Digital Performer.  The videos are fast and professional.  I have left my monthly subscription in place for ten years now.  It’s that valuable to me.  The pace at which technology is developing stresses all professionals in the entertainment businesses, particularly in the recording arts. is one of the answers to that problem.  This learning platform is the best and will save you many, many hours of trying to find support on YouTube or other free, non-professional resources. ($25/mo)
Pro Tool Expert.  If you are using Pro Tools as your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) then this site is very valuable.  It’s similar to, so you might compare which you prefer.  Each site offers a few sample tutorials.  ($68/yr)
I have also experienced, first hand, exactly what equipment limitations effected student projects most.  I have only listed the gear below that falls in that category.  It is not required that you purchase these secondary audio hardware solutions.  However, you will at some point have to address these issues in order to produce a professional recording, which is the goal.  It also won’t hurt you to wait and learn this on your own.  Remember that you will get a studio discount when going through our UT representative at Sweetwater Sound.  Here is the page Sweetwater setup for us regarding the required equipment to take these classes.  Please check this out asap.  You can contact Kenny Bergle at Sweetwater directly at 800-222-4700 ext 1270 or 1259
Microphone Shield - Perfect for recording vocals in non-studio settings, like your apartment or dorm room. This eliminates the singer’s voice reflecting off walls and them coming back to the microphone.
Microphone Pop Filter - Singing and speaking the consonate “P” can create a dreaded “pop” sound from the microphone.  We call them plosives. You can build one of these pop filters using women’s hose stretched over a wire coat hanger.  This one is more effective, and well, prettier. 
Near-field “Active” Monitors (speakers) Hear Your Mix, Your Whole Mix, and Nothing But Your Mix!
“Active” means the speaker’s power amplifier is built into the speaker itself.  I have found that students struggle when trying to mix their projects only using headphones for monitoring (listening).  Only a few headphones have a flat frequency response, which means the headphones are not boosting or cutting any particular frequencies.  Flat is GOOD when it comes to mixing in your studio setup.  Having small speakers, near-field monitors we call them, eliminate your room adding un-real frequencies to your ears.  The goal is to hear ONLY what you recorded.  And, you use your monitors when cutting (recording) and mixing both. 
$$$$$ (These are what I use in the control room.)
Flat Frequency Response Headphones ($129) (You should recognize these from my studio.) 
Just for Fun
I bought one of these new AKG D5 hand-held dynamic mics just because I couldn’t imagine AKG making a crappy mic, regardless of price.  This one is $74 and better than all my other hand-held mics, which are all in the $200 range.  
How about an inexpensive version of my Drawmer 1960 mic-pre/compressor?  This ART unit gets rave reviews.  It’s a single channel tube mic-pre with EQ and compressor for $449.  Reviews are fabulous.
How about a serious upgrade to your interface?  Check this United Audio product.  It’s simply amazing and very powerful as it includes a library of UA plugins recorded into your DAW tracks, but processes in the UA interface. $899  Be sure and watch the video on this Sweetwater page: 

Here’s some recommendations for optional microphones, just click on the mic to see it-

multi-pattern mic option – sE2200aMkII

inexpensive mic option - AT 2020

inexpensive mic, AudioBox22VSL, headphones and cable bundle (still qualifies for “Music Production” majors gear requirement) – AudioBoxStudio

Other Options -







Recommended Orchestral Virtual Instrument – Garritan Personal Orchestra


Kenny Bergle attended UT Austin 1974-1978, learning jazz on the Mall (and elsewhere)!


OK!  There you have it!  Call Kenny Bergle or Matt Wood at 800 222 4700, extension 1270 or 1259 and get your required audio gear!  We will help you navigate through your setup and you are certainly in good hands with Professor Gary Powell.

Good luck this semester from your friends at Sweetwater (and every semester) and remember,  Have Fun!




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