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Wacky new jazz by Kevin Hay and Kenny Bergle

OK< check out this latest offering and the maiden voyage of collaborations between Kevin Hay and Kenny Bergle.

Kevin did all the instruments and wrote the tune and did the arrangement and recorded all the tracks except the lead guitar.

Kenny did the lead guitar – wrote, played and recorded it.  Also Kenny did the final mix and master.

Have fun, but be careful, this is not for the average listener…  Please comment on what you think, and don’t be shy!  Thanks!

This is a mp3 at 96K, if you’d like the full .wav file, email us and we’ll send you a download link.


“The Warning” – Benny Bergle’s piano piece about Halloween!

Here’s the very first published piano piece by Benny Bergle.  It was written, arranged, produced and played by

Benny and recorded by his dad.  If it sounds a little ‘precious’ it might be the sound of the 1887 Steinway Model B

that he’s playing on.  Or maybe it’s just Benny!  (he was 9 when he did this piece).

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