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OK, It was VERY cool!  Thanks to all the participants and makers that came down to Headwaters Park on Oct. 1 and 2 to add their musicality to the wacky Maker Faire Music Technology Therapy Lab experiment!

Over 1800 people came through the booth and waved their hands over the Alesis AirSynth and Alesis AirFX devices, creating ALL SORTS of audio havoc and also some real music!  We recorded everything – all the people’s hand-made music as well as the all the backing tracks that were played to.  All of it was recorded into Ableton Live and the tracks will be posted as MP3s so anybody can import them into their own audio or music program.  If on a Mac, one can use the free Garageband program.   If on a Windows computer and don’t already have a music/audio program, check some cool free music and audio sequencing programs by clicking here for the C/Net listing of free programs.  Or, of course, use the favorites – ProTools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Audacity, Reaper, Logic, Nuendo, Ableton Live, or any home-made audio sequencing program as well.

So keep checking on this site and also the tekventure.org site for the individual tracks to do a mix or Remix of these tracks.  The drums and guitars and keyboard tracks that were playing in the booth will be available to create a unique group to accompany the awesome AirSynth and AirFX improvisations.    Way cool and all brought to you by Tek Venture.org and TheK2BShow!   There will be a contest posted on the tekventure.org site for the most interesting, the most musical and the most pleasing songs made out of the tracks.  Keep checking back for more info on that Remix contest.  And Thanks Again for coming out, it was a gas, really a gas!



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It’s going to be cool!  Check out the Tek Venture Maker Faire here –  www.tekventure.org/maker-faire/ and enter your own invention!  And definitely come down to Fort Wayne’s Headwaters Park to experiment in TheK2BShow’s Music Technology Therapy Lab.  It will be a bunch of musical electronics and computers and stuff that you’ve never heard or seen before.  AND the best part is, you get to make music with it.  EVERYthing that sounds during the event in the Lab will be recorded and then edited into a TekVenture CD/MP3.  Also all the individual tracks will be made available for anyone to REMIX the sounds into their own final creation as well.   It’s kind of like making bricks at the event, then taking the bricks to make a house out of it.    It’s October 1st and 2nd and there’s no charge to be a maker and have a booth of your own!  We’d love some company in the area of experimental music technology.  In any case come out to see it and play some wildness in the Music Technology Therapy Lab!  Who knows, you may be part of a award-winning recording!

Check back on this page for updates as they happen.   And don’t forget – promote Self-Respect Through Creativity!  (TheK2BSHow’s mantra!)

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