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University of Texas at Austin Music Production Students!

July 30, 2012 in Updates

Click on the link below for your listing of required gear for the following courses, offered for Fall 2012, in the Butler School of Music:  MUS316M – Intro to Audio Recording, MUS336C – Computer Audio Production, MRT316N – Intermediate Audio Recording, MRT345 – Advanced Audio Recording, MRT 335M – Fundamentals of Digital Audio, MRT335N – Advanced Digital Audio, and MRT377P – Internship and Final Project.

NOTE FROM PROFESSOR POWELL:  “If you are not a “Music Production” major, you are not required to acquire this recording gear, but Sweetwater has still agreed to offer this deal to you so you can get the most from this exciting coursework.” 

Click here to go to that page.

Common recording medium when Kenny was active in the industry

Prof. Powell has put together the above courses on Music Production and the above page outlines the gear required for those courses.  If you already have your computer rig setup and are running ProTools10, an audio/MIDI interface and a mic, please contact Prof. Powell about compatibility.  Call Kenny Bergle or Matt Wood at Sweetwater (800 222 4700, ext. 1270 or ext. 1259) or email them at or to purchase this bundle at an extra special price!

A quote from Prof. Powell to fuel your education and career in the recording arts:

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COOL New AutoTune7 Features and Info!

February 3, 2011 in Gear, Updates

Here’s a great list of neat tricks and benefits whilst using AutoTune7  that comes directly from our good friends at Antares. Amazingly (but not surprisingly), AutoTune7 has just been named “one of the top ten most valuable trade secrets by Daily Finance” (with the Coca-Cola recipe and Google’s search algorithm), Wow and Congrats!!!!  Here’s some killer tips and features of AutoTune7 -

(Auto-Tune 7 is available for Mac and Windows in VST, AU, RTAS, and TDM formats)

Pitch Correction

• Auto-Tune has been the professional standard in pitch correction for over 12 years.

• Go from Vocal Effect (e.g., T-Pain-style) to true Pitch Correction transparency with ease.

• User controllable Humanize function for natural sounding pitch correction.

• Over 25 different scales available.

• Excellent in both live and production environments.

• Use MIDI notes in real-time to set your pitch scale on the fly.

• Correct, add, edit, or remove vibrato. Auto-Tune 7 can also ignore vibrato from incoming live or recorded vocals.

• Pitch Correct stereo tracks while preserving phase coherency.

• Sophisticated Formant Correction to preserve natural voice characteristics when using Auto-Tune 7’s pitch shifting feature.

• Non-Destructive editing – up to 20 levels of Undo.

• Switch from easy-to-use Auto Mode to detailed Graphical Mode with a single click.

• Intuitive, user-friendly MIDI object-style editing while in Graphical Mode.

• Comprehensive editing features available while tracking or correcting pitch in real-time.

• Throat Modeling Control based on Antares AVOX Throat allows users to modify vocal characteristics by passing the effected signal through a precise physical model of the human vocal tract. (Users can also individually modify throat characteristics on a note-by-note basis or on an entire vocal track. Available in both Auto and Graphical Mode).

• Real-time displays of currently detected pitch and correction amount.

• Auto-Tune 7 syncs to your DAW’s internal clock (if supported by your DAW) so you can move around your track at will without breaking sync.

Time Shifting (not available in TDM, use RTAS instead. Auto-Tune 7 TDM includes the RTAS version)

• Time Expansion / Compression range up to ten times (expansion) or 1/10th (compression) of the original length.

• Completely non-destructive – simply turn off the Time Control to revert back to your original timing.

• Envelope Graph display provides visual feedback for intuitive time-shift editing.

• Easy to toggle back and forth between original audio and time-edited audio for comparison.

• Intuitive and user-friendly – simply drag amplitude waveforms to make them longer or shorter.

• Elegantly simple Data File Management for managing time-shifted audio data.

Of course, more great info is available at the Antares website, click here to go to the Antares website. And also, in keeping with their coolness, downloadable demos of most all of their products are available, click here to go to the Antares AutoTune7 and other products downloadable demos page. Thanks again Antares, and keep up the great work!  (P.S. – You can get AutoTune from KennyKenny at Sweetwater – 800 2222 4700 ext. 1270 or most any good audio retailer.)

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OH Wow, ProTools 9!

November 9, 2010 in Gear, Music, Updates

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, ProTools is officially at Version 9 now!  AND it works on ANY audio interface hardware – ASIO, Audio Units, ANYthing!  Does it mean that we’re old because we still have an unopened box of Sound Designer 1.0 from 1984?  :) (For you youngsters, Sound Designer was the great-grandaddy of ProTools and the first product ever to come from what was known then as Digidesign.)   Old is good sometimes, but mostly new is better in the case of software.

There’s a ton on new features in ProTools 9, see an overview here and then click here for detailed info on the new features.  One of the MOST requested and exciting features of the new PT9, other than working with non-Avid hardware, is ADC, which stands for Automatic Delay Compensation.   Basically, that is when one adds a plugin into the session, the DAW software now polls the plugin for its inherent latency and then compensates the timing of the playback accordingly, giving a much more phase-coherent and solid-sounding track.

Not sure which ProTools is right for you?  Click here for a comparison chart of all the new PT9s and the previous PT8s. There is no more ‘LE’, only ProTools9 and ProTools9HD, with the addition of the Complete Production Toolkit 2 option for PT9 only (PT9HD already contains the features of the Complete Production Toolkit 2).

OK, what a deal!  How much for it and can one get an upgrade from older versions of ProTools?  Click here to find out (and don’t get sidetracked – they are ‘upgrades’ meaning one must own previous ProTools to qualify, Avid calls them ‘crossgrades’.)  Even though they are called crossgrades, they are not ‘crossgradeable’ from competitive products, only from previous versions of ProTools.  Just sayin’…

Have fun!

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